Not a good day today…

The update post attracted a steady stream of abuse from a large number of directions (based on the IP address information that WordPress sends me). The abuse was about two things mainly. The first was the fact that I haven’t covered any of the unlimited donut glitches that have been in the game for the past couple of weeks. And the second is that I’m not fast enough with harp fixes – with some of the commenters under the misapprehension that I created the harp issue in the first place.

My position on unlimited donut hacks and glitches is this – it’s stealing. It’s stealing in the same way that it would be if a store owner went home without locking the store and you walked in and walked off with all the stock. Stupid on the part of the store owner, certainly, but not a justification for taking everything he or she had. That’s what I teach my kids and that’s the philosophy of this blog. It’s not about cheats and hacks, it’s about enjoying the game the way it’s meant to be played. If you were expecting something else, you’re probably in the wrong place.

On the harp fixes – I am not EA or even associated with EA. So, from now on I will just delete any comment expressing anger at me for causing the harp problem or anything else that might go wrong with the game. I’ll also delete any post that uses any one of the number of colorful curse words that people have been using lately to express their anger (I have a WordPress PG rating to protect) instead of editing them, as I’ve been doing. Any anonymous request for a harp fix will also be deleted as will anyone who doesn’t ask nicely. I’ll also be deleting any harp fix request that doesn’t appear in a harp post. And if you forget to say “thanks” after I’ve spent 20 minutes out of my day helping you (as was the case with a large number of people over the weekend), please don’t expect me to do it a second time.

From this point on, I’ll still be doing harp fixes, but I’ll be prioritizing anyone who’s made a positive contribution to this blog. So if you’ve been commenting and offering your thoughts and opinions, you’ll be at the top of the queue.

I’m really, really sorry to have to do this, but the last couple of hours have been a little disappointing, to say the least.


Update: Thanks for your all your supportive messages – I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond to them all. But thanks to you, I’ll certainly be sending the trolls back to the set of The Hobbit where they belong. Normal service will resume later today (or in the morning for readers in Australasia.) 🙂