With business as usual in Springfield (although that still inlcludes some extended St. Patrick’s Day business), here’s part 2 of the list of animations that tell you when a character is inside a building.

While you can tap on a building to see who’s inside, the animations are an extra bit of fun. Part 2 covers all the regular buildings currently available from Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace on. You can see Part 1, covering all the buildings up to Moe’s tavern here. Premium buildings will be covered in a separate post.

Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace – there doesn’t appear to be any animation
Springfield Downs – the dog-racing animation runs when the dogs are actually racing and when characters are visiting the track
The Gilded Truffle – the windows on the second floor light up (flickering candles and people having a good time)
King Toot’s – no animations
Police Station – flashing red and white lights
Skip’s Diner – no animations
Luigi’s – smoke rises from the pipes on the roof
Springfield Penitentiary – searchlights
Retirement Castle – no animations
Town Hall – shadows moving in the windows
Muntz House – a raccoon runs onto the roof and chews some electrical wires
Krabappel Apartment – a window on the second floor opens and cigarette smoke is blown out
Channel 6 – the satellite dish rotates (when either someone is doing a task or a program is being made)
Springfield Post Office – the front doors open and mail blows out
Hibbert Family Practice – shadows move in the windows
Springfield General Hospital – the lights on the helipad on the roof flash
Burns Manor – a vulture flies out of the dome and sits on the roof
Pimento Grove – sadly unused, so no animation
Wiggum House – flashing red and blue police lights
El Chemistri – it doesn’t get any use after the level 26 quest, but I’m sure there was animation…

Part 3, focusing on the premium buildings, is still to come.