A very good question came in from Michael today:

Today, I have 2 million dollars and now Iā€™m not sure what’s the right way to go:
1.) Buy the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper and then have nearly 0 dollars
2.) Wait until I collect 3 million dollars and buy the 50-foot Magnifying Glass or
3.) Don’t spend my money on these big buildings and save money for upcoming events?

Whats your opinion?

My advice for the moment would be to hold on to your cash. If level 27 is on the way, there’ll be at least one new building and it’s likely to be more expensive than Burns Manor. Each of the recent updates has also had a second, quite expensive new building. (For level 27, the Springfield Buddhist Temple and the Adult Education Annex are predicted.) You may also need to buy new land to make room for these, depending on their size.

The bottom line for players currently on level 26 is that you may need up to half a million dollars spare for any level 27 buildings. So my advice for level 26 players who are saving for the really expensive items would be to make sure you have around $500,000 free – and wait and see what may be on the way over the next few days.