The rivers are still running green in Springfield, but it won’t be that long before they turn blue again. Exactly when things get back to normal is anyone’s guess (it could be anywhere between now and Thursday afternoon US Central time). But, whichever way you look at it, there’s very little time left to use your donuts on the limited-time Wishing Well and Leprechaun.

As you can see, readers of this blog were a little more evenly divided over this than they were over Fruit-Bat-Man:

In the end, 51.03% wanted to add the Wishing Well and the Leprechaun to their towns and the remaining 48.97% wanted to hang onto their gold…er…donuts. All the way through, the voting stayed as close as a US presidential election.

There’ll be a new poll next weekend (or earlier if an update doesn’t come quickly!).