I posted this back in the early days of the blog, but with new players joining all the time, I think it’s worth a slightly revised re-post…

The elusive Lemon Tree is only won from a Mystery Box – you can’t buy it with either cash or donuts, which is why you can’t find it in any of your stores. It gives you a cash and XP bonus every six hours when you click on a basket of lemons.

Until October 2012, if you saw a Lemon Tree in a friends’ town you could steal it from them and plant it in your Springfield. Then, after 24 hours any of your friends could steal it from you!

As of 15 October 2012, however, the Lemon Tree was disabled and couldn’t be stolen. EA describes this as a glitch and say that they hope to get this ability restored in the future, although they also say that they can’t estimate when that may be. I suspect that, as the only way you can get a Lemon Tree is through a Mystery Box, and a Mystery Box is a premium item, no longer being able to steal the Lemon Tree might have more to do with players complaining that something they paid good money for was stolen from them than any technical issue!

Personally, I’m glad this aspect of the game is gone. I like my Lemon Tree. It took months to get, and I would hate anyone to steal it!