Simpsons tapped out level 27” is currently one of the most popular search terms hitting this blog. And with St. Patrick’s Day soon to be a memory and episode promotions traditionally only lasting a few days, it’s a very good question.

You can see some of the speculation about what the next update might contain here and here, supported by Lisa’s locked meditation task. But will we see these on Monday? Or will there be a new event – perhaps for Easter. They’re both possibilities – but it’s also possible that we’ll have to wait a few days and we won’t see anything until later in the week.

It’s been just over a month since level 26, so it’s likely that level 27 is due. It’s also possible that there’ll be an Easter event – but at this stage it’s anyone’s guess. And in recent times, updates have come through on Thursday afternoons US time (usually when I’m busy with other things), so it may be that there will be a few days of “business as usual” before something new happens, as was the case after the Gorgeous Grampa promotion.

If nothing new comes through on Monday, my advice would be to keep checking into your game at around mid-afternoon US Central time throughout the coming week. Something is on its way – but exactly what and exactly when will probably remain a secret until we see it in the game.