Fruit-Bat-Man is a very limited-time episode promotion so really doesn’t justify a top menu all of its own. To help people looking for information on the Fruit-Bat-Man and Fruit-Bat-Signal update, though, I’ve collected everything you need to know right here:

There’s a new superhero in Springfield!
What was in the conversation that launched the Fruit-Bat-Signal into the game?
What does the Fruit-Bat-Signal actually do?
Should I spend my donuts on Fruit-Bat-Man?
How long do I have to decide whether I want Fruit-Bat-Man?
I bought Fruit-Bat-Man but can’t see him anywhere!
I don’t have Burns yet! Can I get Fruit-Bat-Man?
What happens in the Fruit-Bat-Man quest (part 1)?
What happens in the Fruit-Bat-Man quest (part 2)?
Poll: Will you be spending your donuts on Fruit-Bat-Man?

Update: EA has confirmed on the official Facebook page that Fruit-Bat-Man and the Fruit-Bat-Signal will no longer be available after Sunday night/Monday morning US time. No exact time was given, but don’t be surprised if both items are no longer available shortly after the episode airs at 8/7 Central time in the US.

And what does the image below have to do with all this? It’s from the episode on Sunday, 17 March featuring Fruit-Bat-Man!