Here’s a post that’s only good for the next day and a half…

Fruit-Bat-Man has proven to be a bit of a controversial offer – an episode promotion that costs you 90 donuts. We haven’t had a promtional item we’ve had to pay for before. All the other episode promotions to date have been free (The Duff Racer, Fat Tony, the Cool Brown House with the Cool Homer Costume, and Gorgeous Grampa). This is the first one we’ve had where we need to buy the main element.

So, is Fruit-Bat-Man worth it? Here are a few reasons why you might consider spending 90 donuts on this limited time costume for Mr Burns:

1. When Burns is wearing the costume, he behaves like a premium character, earning premium chracter rates for each of his Fruit-Bat-Man tasks:
– Pose in front of a mirror (60 minutes – $105 and 26 XP)
– Fly like a decrepit superhero (4 hours – $200 and 55 XP)
– Rehearse heroic one-lines (8 hours – $420 and 105 XP)
– Practice punching out a crook (12 hours – $600 and 150 XP)
– Sooth his welts and bruises in Burns Manor (24 hours – $1000 and 225 XP)
2. His Fruit-Bat-Man quest is quite entertaining and, while it’s not the longest quest we’ve had, at 5 parts it’s still a nice addition to the game. You can read about his quest here and here.
3. It’s fun to watch him to try to fly.

As you may have noticed, I’m a little shorter on reasons to buy him than I usually am – and, as regular readers of this blog know, I’m a big fan of the game’s premium offerings. So here are the reasons on the other side:

1. It’s a costume not a character, which makes it quite expensive at 90 donuts (the same price as a character like Dr. Nick).
2. When Burns becomes Fruit-Bat-Man, he may earn like a premium character – but you’ve also taken your regular Mr. Burns out of the game. That makes Fruit-Bat-Man a far less useful addition than Dr. Nick or any other stand-alone premium character.
3. Fruit-Bat-Man’s quest is quite short (probably due to his limited-time availability and the fact the costume promotes Sunday night’s new episode) – and there’s a missed opportunity to use the Fruit-Bat-Signal as part of his storyline.
4. To complete the quest, you need to have Burns Manor, which is almost enticing players to use donuts to speed up the game (which, we all know, is a really, really, bad idea) just to get to level 26.
5. Newer players can’t even buy the costume until they build the Cooling Towers and unlock Mr Burns (for some reason, this costume operates differently from the Gorgeous Grampa freebie of a few weeks ago). Given its short period of availability, this seems to be encouraging very new players to use donuts to speed up their game as well.
6. Fruit-Bat-Man only has 5 tasks – and three of these are indoors.

I have him and many other readers of this blog have bought him, too. But I’ll admit to being a bit disappointed by both the price and his tasks. I’m not alone in my assessment, either, as you can see by the current voting in the poll.