A couple of weeks ago, I posted a map of Springfield that was drawn up some time back just because there wasn’t one around. You can see that post with credits for the map in the original post, but here’s the map again, anyway:

Whether or not any map of Springfield could ever be considered accurate is a moot point, particularly as the buildings seem to move around a bit. In fact, Homer even points this out very early on in the game when you’re moving the Kwik-E-Mart. As I recall, he says that it really doesn’t matter where the buildings go – after all, at one point, Springfield Penitentiary was next door to the Simpson’s house just so they could say they lived next to a prison. But in the very next scene it was gone.

There are other reasons why it may be impossible to try and follow the map, too. Some of the buildings we have in the game only appeared in the series after the map was made. These include:
– El Chemistri
– Howard’s Flowers
– The Mapple Store

Some of the buildings only appear in the Treehouse of Horror episodes and may or may not be “real”. These include:
– The Springfield Subatomic Supercollider
– The Bad Dream House
– The House of Evil

At least one building isn’t even in Sprngfield (in fact it’s in Ireland):
– Tom Oโ€™Flanaganโ€™s Pub

And there are two other reasons why following the map may be challenging. The first is that there really isn’t enough land to do that yet. And, just as importantly, the exact location of some of the other buildings remains unknown.

One really helpful source for Springfield addresses and locations is the Simpsons wikia. If you can’t find the location of a building there, you probably won’t find it anywhere.