A couple of people have commented that they were a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more to the St.Patrick’s Day event, and I’ll have to admit that I am, too. But, don’t be too disappointed, as this has really been the order of things in the last 6 months or so.

Since September 2012, the pattern has been this – a new level released every month to six weeks and a full event one month, followed by a “lite” event and a promotion or two the next. For those new to the game, this has been the event pattern over the last 6 months:

September 2012 – the first major game update since the initial launch (and a season launch decoration)
October 2012 – Halloween event (a really big one)
November 2012 – a small Thanksgiving event and a couple of episode promotions
December 2012 – a very big Christmas event
January 2013 – some winter decorations
February 2013 – a biggish Valentine’s event
March 2013 – an episode promotion and a short St. Patrick’s Day event (so far)

Here’s hoping for something bigger in April.