This morning I had my own attack of the harp of death – for the very first time despite hitting the bonus levels countless times since they were released at the end of January. Apparently, I haven’t built up quite enough karma to avoid them completely – but at least I’ve built up enough to make the harp only a brief interruption to my game.

One thing I noticed was this – I was doing rather a lot. I was cleaning graffiti, collecting rent, and collecting from characters at exactly the time the bonus level hit. And it all seemed to be too much for my game (despite getting only I bonus donut!). Instant harp.

Maybe there’s something in it and maybe there’s not – but my advice to anyone approaching a bonus level would be to slow right down and make sure you’re only doing one thing at a time. It may reduce your chances of attracting the harp of death.

P.S. I didn’t score any of those bonus donuts for getting back in, either – not even one!