I guess I haven’t quite finished with the St. Patrick’s Day posts as this is a question I’ve been seeing a lot of. While I’ve answered it in Part 3 of the walkthrough (which you can find on the St. Valentine’s Day post page here), I haven’t really addressed it in it’s own post: you’ve been asked in St.Paddy’s Day Pt. 7 to build Willie’s Shack – so why can’t you?

A problem often comes up in special events when, as in the St. Paddy’s Day quest, you need a character you haven’t unlocked yet to make any progress. But special events never unlock regular characters – you can only do the through your regular gameplay and only if you’ve unlocked all the other buildings and characters that come before it in your building menu.

The problem comes from the fact that the game developers didn’t really take account of exactly how addictive the game can be – which means that if you play several times a day and have lots of friends you visit friends regularly, your XP bar fills up much faster than you can move through the game levels. And that means that your XP level and your game level will be forever out of sync. When that happens, you have to begin treating the levels that your buildings are supposed to unlock as minimum levels only, because this will be the case throughout your game.

So, if you’re at level 10 and you haven’t unlocked Willie’s Shack yet, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with your game. Just keep plugging through the tasks that come up. Hopefully, you’ll get to it before the event ends shortly after St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) and be able to complete the last 3 parts of the St. Paddy’s Day quest.