At this stage of the game it’s a long journey before you get any new characters, but the buildings come fairly quickly. With one more restaurant and one more shop, that’s healthy for both your Consumerism and Gluttony ratings on your Conform-o-meter.

This walkthrough looks at game level 16. It takes you through unlocking the Gilded Truffle and King Toot’s. Remember, though, that level 16 is really the minimum level you need – frequent players with lots of friends may well be at a much higher XP bar level before any of these buildings unlock.

Another important point is this – some players have reported a delay between placing their first bet Springfield Downs and the start of the Gilded Truffle quest. If this is you, don’t worry, as things seems to start moving again on their own. Just keep all your characters in similar length tasks, do all the randon tasks that come up, don’t hurry any of them into new tasks too quickly, and everything should be okay.

Remember that Marge needs to be free as Homer at the end of the Springfield Downs build (keep Bart, Milhouse, Ned, Moe and Reverend Lovevoy free as well to be safe – their tasks may seem random, but these were the ones that I had in both my games and so have other people):

1. Quicky at the Kwik-E Moe shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour – this may come up earlier)
2. Quicky at the Kwik-E Ned shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour – this may come up earlier)
3. Can’t Live with ’em, Still can’t Live with ’em Reverend Lovejoy counsels couples (24 hours – this may come up earlier)
4. Teamwork! Milhouse goes to school (6 hours) and, at the same time, Bart skips school (8 hours – this task may come up earlier)
5. Time to Clean House Starting down the path to building the Gilded Truffle, Marge cleans the house, which has got very untidy while she’s been away (3 hours)
6. Actions Speak Louder Than Quietly Whining There’s no monorail in the new Springfield, but Marge protests something anyway (24 hours, although we’re not exactly sure what she’s protesting – keep Homer free as she finishes)
7. What’s in the Back Room? Making a bit of money on the side, Moe smuggles endangered species (8 hours and one of my favorite animations in the game – this task may come up earlier)
8. Truffle Surprise Part 1 The Gilded Truffle is close – but first, Homer has to visit the track (3 hours)
9. Truffle Surprise Part 2 Getting closer still, Homer shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour – keep Marge free as finishes to be safe)
10. Truffle Surprise Part 3 Homer and Marge interact to prompt you to build the Gilded Truffle – which happens because, when Marge goes to makes reservations, she realizes that it hasn’t been rebuilt yet (24 hours and $31,000 – keep Homer and Marge free as the build finishes)
11. Truffle Surprise Part 4 In a simultaneous task, Homer and Marge dine at the Gilded Truffle (2 hours each – and it really is nice to make them do this at the same time – keep Principal Skinner and Lisa free as they finish)
12. The Mysterious Brown House Part 4 Somewhere about this stage of the game, the Brown House gets a new use, as Cletus sneaks in to harvest copper wire (3 hours)
13. We Don’t Sell myPods Part 1 Principal Skinner and Lisa interact to start you on the path to building King Toot’s. Before you can do that, though, Lisa needs to play her sax three times (4 hours each)
14. We Don’t Sell myPods Part 2 Three times was too much, it turns out:

Lisa: Oh no, I just broke my last reed! This is a woodwind emergency!
And with that King Toot’s is ready to build (24 hours and $37,000 – keep Apu free as the build finishes to begin the Police Station quest)

The walkthroughs will continue…