Unfortunately, it seems that the harp is still around despite EA’s recent after the recent server fix. there are certainly fixes available for Apple players (just search this site for “harp of death” or use the tag on the bottom of this post to see what I’ve written about it), with the iPhone 5 fix giving the most reliable results.

But the fixes only work if you have an Origin account – if you’ve been playing anonymously, what do you do? I’d thought that there was no way for anonymous players to get past the harp. That is, until this comment came in today from Pat:

“I am writing you about the harp of death for players without an Origin account. As far as I can see, you always replied that there is nothing you can do without login details to help these folks. Well, I suffered the harp of death last Sunday while hitting level 26 and the bonus level… I was playing anonymously and tried to start the game and de-harp it itself as you suggested on my iPad2 – nothing happened.

“But I had an idea: why not create an Origin account and see if my data is stored somewhere? As soon as my Origin account was set, I logged out and logged back in. A box popped up asking me whether the existing Springfield on level 26 on my device was and mine! Hell, yes! I could even visit it, but without the possibility of playing.

“Anyway, there was an option to save my existing Springfield into my Origin account. It took a couple of tries (the game crashed in between), but after a while it was saved. Immediately, I took my iPhone 5, installed the TSTO app, logged in and ta-da: a question popped up asking me if the Springfield level 26 town on my other device was mine and if I wanted to continue! Yes, of course and after a while (approx. 20 min. later), I was back in the game on my iPhone.”

So, for people who’ve been playing anonymously, creating an Origin account will rescue your game and allow you to try one of the other fixes that have been suggested here. At least that’s some good news! Now we just need a way for Android players to resolve the problem – or, even better, a permanent fix.