As more and more characters join the game, it can be a real problem keeping track of them all. Lee expressed the problem well in a recent comment:

“It’s everyone’s joy to tap more characters in the game (and make more money too). But as our land keeps expanding, it’s getting tougher to tap every characters – some could be hidden behind those gigantic structures. From the speed the game progress, it’s not unlikely that 100 characters may come in town sooner than expected. It would be good if EA can think of a better way for us to search and tap each character.”

While we wait for EA to add a character-locater to the game, Igee reminded us all in another comment of a helpful feature I haven’t written about yet:

“I’m chasing after the Popsicle Tower and Magnifying Glass so I’m literally overworking every character. My workaround for checking if everyone’s occupied is: 1) press the arrow-to-move-stuff button (or just keep your finger pressed on any fixed structure) then 2) “close the two eyes” so you can’t move any building or decoration. Almost everything becomes greyed out / translucent and from there you can spot the slackers.”

You can see how this works in the screenshot below (it helped me find Snake, who was lurking behind Barney’s Bowl-a-Rama):