If you managed to get Gorgeous Grampa a couple of weeks back, but have only just unlocked Grampa Simpson and the Retirement Village, you’ll find the costume very easy to locate and use. Unfortunately, some people trying to use it for the first time are experiencing a glitch that may mean a couple of extra steps before Grampa can put on the red speedos and the blond wig.

If you got the costume, open up the inventory and you’ll find it sitting there waiting for you:

You’ll only be able to use it, though, if Grampa is free (not doing a task). But once he’s put it on, your Gorgeous Grampa quest should begin right away (and you can find the walkthrough here).

When you tap on Grampa, you’ll now see that you have a choice – you can have regular Grampa or Gorgeous Grampa. You can easily swipe between the two when Grampa is not in task:

Now – about that glitch. Some people have reported that when they tap on the Gorgeous Grampa costume in the inventory, they hear something like a “boing” and the game won’t let them use the costume. If this happens to you, and you’re an Apple player, you’ll need to delete the game and download it again. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to begin the Gorgeous Grampa quest without any further issues.