Going by the number of requests I’m still getting for help and the angry posts on the official Facebook page, EA Answers, and the various forums, there are lots of people still suffering from the harp of death. The good news is that level 27, when it’s released, should get you back into the game.

The harp first appeared when the bonus levels were released with the Valentine’s Day update. It strikes some players when they hit the bonus level for the first time (there’s a suggestion that it hits those who have been “lucky” enough to win 3 donuts on the first go, but there’s no way to know for sure). But when level 26 was released and the XP bar turned blue again for those at the highest level, the harp disappeared – temporarily at least – reappearing for some when they hit the bonus levels again. Others reported no further problems.

So if you’re suffering from the harp, you will almost certainly be able to access your game again when level 27 is released (see here for some thoughts on just when that might be). It might even be that it cures the harp for you, although there are no guarantees of that without a fix from EA (and there’s no news of one yet).

In the meantime, if you have access to an iPhone 5, it’s quite easy to fix in most cases (plug in, turn off auto lock, log in, and let the harp play out for 15-20 minutes). I can still help, but the queue gets extremely long at times. Also, the time available for me to do this is quite limited on weekdays, so you’ll need to be very patient.