No – no pattern at at all. It’s completely and utterly random.

For those of you who haven’t spent your donuts on the limited time Wishing Well and Leprechaun, tapping on the Leprechaun gives you a base of either 2XP or $5 every time you tap (more with a higher bonus multiplier). You can tap as many times as you like with a few seconds gap in between taps.

But occasionally, you’ll get lucky and score a base either 20XP or a $20 (again, the higher your bonus multiplier, the more you’ll get). Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing when you’ll get the extra amount. It’s completely randon, there’s no pattern to it, and you’ll get it or you won’t. In fact, I’ve only got it once in hundreds of taps – other members of my household seem to get it with annoying frequency. I’m as lucky with this as I am at the Scratch-R, which is not very lucky!

So, I hope you get luckier than I have been. Have fun trying!