Android players will need to go and read another post because unfortunately, until EA adds Origin to your game, you’re missing out on its social element. And the social element is an aspect confuses many people – it turns out that there’s a bit more to it than simply tapping on friends’ buildings and collecting money and XP, vandalizing their towns, and helping them clean up graffiti. It seems that whatever you do in your friends’ towns has an impact on you and on them.

Let’s talk about vandalizing and cleaning up first, because it’s the easy part. Vandalizing a building hurts your friend’s righteousness rating – and it also hurts yours. In the same way, cleaning up the graffiti helps the righteousness rating of both you and your friend. (Although there seems to be a little glitch in the way things are meant to be at the moment!)

But which buildings you should tap on is a different issue, and one that I hadn’t really given much thought to when I initially joined the game. It turns out that if you really want to help your friends, you should tap on the most expensive buildings available. If there is anything to collect, then it’s because your friend hasn’t collected yet. The simple act of tapping means that the clock starts running again on the rent/earning cycle of those buildings. So, if you usually tap on the Simpsons’ House or the Brown Houses, you’re not really helping your friends as much as you can. You should only really tap on these buildings if you have no other choice.

And if you see any dead crops, tapping on these should bring them to life again in your friend’s town. Not only that, you also get to collect cash and XP as a reward for doing so (although no more than you usually do!).

The moral then is think before you tap – although if you have 100 freinds and only a little time, sometimes that’s hard to do.