As regular readers know, Bumblebee Man is the premium character that readers of this blog would be most likely to buy if they had 60 donuts going spare. You can read some of the reasons why he’s such a popular choice in the premium character and decoration guide, which you can find here.

Bumblebee Man does a lot of his tasks in Spanish (or, correctly, Request for help!) – but that’s not the reason that his quest can be a bit confusing. There are a couple of points where you need certain buildings to continue the quest – and it’s not Bumblebee Man that unlocks the buildings. In fact, premium characters and special quests (like the St. Paddy’s Day quest) never let you skip over the normal order of things. When you get to the buildings that Bumblebee Man needs but you don’t have yet, you need to go back to your regular game tasks until you unlock the building you need. Only then will you be able to continue with his quest.

So here’s the Bumblebee Man walkthrough. Just a warning, though – if you don’t want to know his secret, you’ll need to skip over this post!

1. A Del Dos Sano Terrible BumblebeeMan arrives full of optimism – it’s a beautiful day and he wants to play baseball in the park. But things don’t go according to plan – and he believes that’s because, as he’s chased by bees, “Ay dios no me ama!” (God doesn’t love me!). (30 minutes)
2. Ay… Caramba Poor Bumblebee Man – nothing is good in the world-o so Bumblebee Man wanders around your town feeling sorry for himself. (60 minutes)
3. Bumblebee Man’s Secret Shame-o Bumblebee Man confesses to Lisa (who doesn’t need to be free) that he has a terrible secret – he’s really Norwegian and only knows a few words of Spanish (something that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one!). If you already have the Library, this is what you’ll see next:

If you don’t have the Library, you’ll need to return to your regular quests, get to at least level 12, and unlock all the other buildings that come before it on the list before you can continue with Bumblebee Man’s quest. Once you have the Library, Bumblebee Man can go there to study Spanish. (4 hours)
4. Me Averiado el Cuerpo! Having finished his study, Bumblebee Man wonders what his señorita is doing – a question that is apparently answered quite quickly. For his next task, you need the Town Hall and if you have it, he can go straight there to commence his divorce. If you don’t, this is what you’ll see:

In that case, you’ll need to return to your regular tasks, get to at least level 20, and unlock all the buildings and characters that come before the Town Hall before you can send Bumblebee man there. Until then, his task will remain in your Taskbook.

So that’s Bumblebee man’s quest. It’s only a short quest – but without the Library or the Town Hall it can take a very long time to complete.