A couple of people have written in asking for advice on a problem with a task in the Krabappel quest – Illegitimate Concern Part 2. If you’ve done this already, you’ll know that Edna has to monitor detention while Bart serves detention for skipping school. This is a regular task for Edna, but a hidden task for Bart – it only appears as part of the quest and then disappears from his task list forever.

What’s happened in some cases is this: Bart hasn’t been available, so the player has sent Edna to monitor detention. Bart only becomes available after she has finished – but the task is gone from his task list and, as it’s a hidden task, he can’t be sent to do it. And because Bart can’t do his part of the joint task, game progress stalls, and no further tasks come up.

I’ve suggested every possibility I could find information on – deleting and reinstalling the game, waiting patiently, storing characters and buildings, and selling buildings and re-building. EA has been as helpful as they usually are :-). Nothing seems to have worked.

So, if anyone has experienced this problem and resolved it or has come across a solution to it, please post it here. Hopefully, between all of us, we can find something to help out players who just want to move on with their games.

For the rest of us, though, it’s a good lesson in keeping tasks synchronized and not sending a character to do a joint task until both characters are ready.

Mrs Edna Krabappel