When we left off in part 2 of the St. Paddy’s Day walkthrough, your characters were partying for the second time at O’Flanagan’s Pub. But now the party’s over, everyone’s seriously hungover, and you’re into the final stage of the quest. This stage only involves Willie, Homer, and Tom.

An important note to new players: you won’t be able to complete the St. Paddy’s Day quest until you reach level 10, build Willie’s Shack, and unlock Willie. The St. Paddy’s Day quest won’t unlock him – you can only do that in regular gameplay. If you don’t have him yet, take a look at the walkthroughs page to see how far away you are from getting him – and then spend lots of time on your game over the next week or so to make sure you unlock him in time.

So, on with the quest:

1. St. Paddy’s Day Part 7 Homer and Willie need to be free at the end of the second party at O’Flanagan’s Pub to kick off the next stage of the quest, which begins with Homer putting his foot in it:

Needless to say, this doesn’t make Willie very happy…
Willie: I’m not Irish, I’m Scottish! We’re totally different kinds of English-haters!
Homer: You both talk funny. that’s pretty strong evidence you’re the same people.
Willie: Now I’m looking for a fight!
At that point, Willie’s task comes up. If you already have Willie, this is what you’ll see:

If you don’t have him, you’ll need to go back to your regular gameplay and progressively unlock all the buildings up to Willie’s Shack until you do (level 10 is the minimum level you’ll need to be to do this – it may come later.) Once you have him, though, you can send him to drink and look for a fight at O’Flanagan’s Pub (4 hours – keep both Tom and Homer free as he finishes to be safe).
2. St. Paddy’s Day Part 8 Homer encourages Tom and Willie to put aside their ancient cultural differences, which leads to Willie going for another drink at O’Flanagan’s Pub – this time without looking for a fight (4 hours – keep Tom and Homer free when he finishes)
3. St. Paddy’s Day Part 9 To thank Homer for helping them to resolve their differences, Tom and Willie make Homer a Shamrock Topiary, which they put in your inventory:

All you need to do then is place it. As you can see here, I’ve put mine outside O’Flanagan’s Pub:

And that’s where the St. Paddy’s Day quest ends. Time for a drink!