This was originally posted back in January but, in a comment today, Ted provided some additional information, as you’ll see below. The Android release also means that this post was overdue for an update.

If you play on an Apple device, you can add friends – but you can only have 100 of them. This may seem arbitrary but, honestly, if you visit them all every day, it can get tedious before you even get to 100!

If you find that you can’t add more friends, you may be at your maximum (check your friend list and see if you’ve reached it). If you’re adding someone from the Facebook page, it’s also quite likely that they’re at their maximum, so you won’t be able to add them either. Just move on down your list of invites and add who you can.

There’s also another reason why you may not be able to add friends. Although you may not have 100 Tapped Out friends, your 100 friends may include people who play other games:

“I just found out the reason why I can’t accept friends.. I was already at my 100 friends limit in Origin – I just didn’t realize it because I forgot to include counting my friends without Tapped Out! Lol”

Also, if you’re an Android player, it’s sadly not possible for you to add friends yet. EA announced back in August 2012 that Origin is coming to Android, but there have been no updates since then.