The St. Patrick’s Day event has given us a new premium building (although a very small one) and a new premium character (very small, too!) – the Wishing Well and the Leprechaun. They cost 150 donuts and are only available until the event concludes, somewhere just after St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).

You’ve probably already read my reasons for making the purchase (and if you haven’t, you can find them here) – but what are you going to do? Or, if you’re like me and bought them on the first day, what have you already done?

So, this week’s poll has just 2 choices – will you be buying them or will you be saving up your donuts for something else? Take a moment to vote, and keep checking back to see what others are doing. And, as always, please feel free to give your reasons for your decision in the comments section.