Last weekend, I asked you to imagine that you had 60 donuts spare from a win at the Golden Scratch-R. The question was – which of the cheaper premium characters you would spend your donuts on (you also had a choice to spend them on decorations if you didn’t really want any of them or you already had them all).

The votes are in, and Bumblebee Man would be the first choice for readers of this blog. Here’s the split:

He didn’t win an outright majority though. Here are the percentages:

Bumblebee Man – 39.34%
Hans Moleman – 27.1%
Kearney – 12.54%
Squeaky Voice Teen – 12.16%
Decorations – 7.36%
Funzos – 1.5%

I’ll be doing a walkthrough of Bumblebee Man’s quest sometime today or tomorrow. And there’ll be a new St. Patrick’s Day themed poll coming very shortly.