About time for a walkthrough – or at least the first part of one. For those who like their game storylines to be a surprise, please hurry away quickly. There are now more than 250 posts here, so there’s probably something you haven’t read yet.

As you all know, Homer kicks off the St. Patrick’s Day storyline in a conversation with Lisa, that begins like this:

And he continues:
Homer: Too bad you can’t pub crawl in a town with only one pub.
Lisa: Didn’t you and Grampa buy a pub when we went to Ireland?
Homer: I miss that place. Sometimes I wish you could build the buildings you wish we’re built.

And there begins the quest:

1. St. Paddy’s Day Part 1 Homer prompts you to build O’Flanagan’s Pub ($1900 and 24 hours, unlocking Tom O’Flanagan at the end of the build – keep Homer free as it finishes)
2. St. Paddy’s Day Part 2 Tom arrives a little confused about where he is, but at least Homer is there to welcome him to America. Tom’s first task is to clean beer mugs while he wanders around your town (8 hours – keep Homer free when he finishes)

3. St. Paddy’s Day Part 3 Homer is happy there’s another pub in town:
Homer: O’Flanagan’s Pub is open for business!
Tom: Hold on, laddie! Runnin’ a pub is no picnic! It’s hard work – work that takes arbitrary lengths of time to complete!
Homer: I’m a guy that takes six hours to lounge in the pool but only six SECONDS to clean up nuclear waste. I know arbitrary, okay?
Tom: And there’s other tasks that might seem, well, a wee bit pointless. Like they don’t necessarily aid in running a business…
And at that, Homer promotes the bar while Tom dances a jig (12 hours each – keep Homer, Tom and half of Springfield free as they finish)

In St. Paddy’s Day Part 4, you’ll be having a party at O’Flanagan’s Pub, and it will help if you have as many of the following characters ready to go there as you can: Homer, Ned Flanders, Apu, Grampa Simpson, Comic Book Guy, Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Cletus, Willie and Barney.

Part 2 of the walkthrough very soon…