Many of you will have noticed that included with the update was a new 30-minute task for Lisa that has nothing at all to do with St. Patrick’s Day – and that’s to meditate at the Buddhist Temple. You’ll also have noticed that, for the moment, it remains resolutely locked. And that’s because there’s no Buddhist Temple in Springfield, right?

Right. And don’t worry that there’s something missing from your update because, right now, there’s definitely no place for Buddhists to congregate in Springfield.

But this image was sent to me a short time ago by a friend who is far better than I am at digging deep into the files for these things:

It’s apparently an image of the Springfield Buddhist Temple, which is sitting in the files on your device, waiting to be unlocked at the right time (it’s in black and white because the color comes from lines of code elsewhere in the files). And that means that sometime very soon, Lisa will have a place to meditate in peace – and hopefully long before Vesak Day in May.