Thanks to all your comments and messages to go and look at the game, because there’s been an update. Here’s the official announcement:

“Shake your shamrocks! Springfield has a taste of Ireland with a new storyline, characters and buildings to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

But what exactly does that mean? well, for starters it means:

– a new limited time building and character – O’Flanagan’s Pub and Tom O’Flanagan
– a new limited time premium item and a character to go with it – the Wishing Well and the Leprechaun
– a new character set – Irishmen:

– a new decoration – as promised here, it’s the 50-foot magnifying glass for $3,000,000
– and the rivers are green.

There are also some new decorations – but as these come as part of the quest and are not decorations you can buy in your store, more on those later.

So, no level 27, but a bit of fun for the next week or so.