A new game update is available. It’s not an in-game update – it’s an App Store download. That makes it a bit unusual so soon after last week’s update.

What it does, though, is still a mystery. The version information on the app (this is version 4.1.40, by the way) doesn’t say anything helpful, and the app description remains unchanged. There’s no new information on the official Facebook page, and no one on any of the forums of message boards seems to know what it’s for.

This may be a bug fix update – or something may be sitting on your device waiting to unlock on a certain day. At I find out anything, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, if you haven’t downloaded the update, go to the App Store now. (And according to Markus, commenting below, the update is also available for Android and, like the Apple version, appears to make no changes to the game).

P.S. It may be that the update contains something that will only be unlocked at the right time – after all, for Apple players, that’s what happened with Ralph and level 26.