As anyone who plays several times a day will already know, EA released a game update a short time ago through the App Store and Google Play. For the moment, absolutely nothing has changed in the game and, for the moment, EA are keeping quiet about what the update might or might not contain. So, when can we expect any of the changes that may be lurking in the update files to materialize?

Based on recent experience, Thursday or Friday afternoon US Central time seem to see something new happen, so I’ll be making sure I check in then (or as close to it as I can, given that I’ll be traveling again). But exactly what we’ll be checking for remains a question that we’re all asking. Here’s some of the speculation:

– level 27
– a new Gil deal
– a new episode promotion
– an Easter event (with the update released early to avoid the Valentine’s update issues)
– some new premium and regular characters and items to tide us over until a Whacking Day event, which may or may not be scheduled for April
– just some bug fixes (although it’s clear that it doesn’t include a total harp fix)

Anything I missed? Feel free to join in the speculation – but I’m pretty sure that something’s on the way soon.