I’ve been a bit puzzled by the comments from new players on various boards saying that they’d finished the game because, having played for a very long time, I (and most readers of this blog) know that it’s really not possible without spending large amounts of real-world cash on donuts. I’ve also seen lots of angry comments (particularly on the Facebook page) about how expensive the game is to play. And it wasn’t until a comment came in from Si a few hours ago, that I realized that many new players are playing under the false impression that you have to buy donuts to make any progress.

This is what Si said:

“Iโ€™m quite new to TSTO (Android) and have wasted a lot of donuts on collecting cash tasks, such as โ€œgood eatsโ€ which requires you to collect cash from 2 restaurants & costs 1 donut to complete if, like me, you didn’t realise you can do this without paying donuts!”

So, to all new players, the game is truly freemium and was one of the first to let you play every level and complete every task without having to hand over any money at all. Unlike many other so-called free games, where you have to pay extra to unlock higher levels, you can do everything you need to in the game without handing over even one cent. The tasks all complete and the levels all unlock without the need to use any of the donuts you acquire.

The premium buildings and decorations add value, but at no point does the game make you buy them. In fact, many players have now spent a year building some quite beautiful Springfields without buying a single premium item.

So, enjoy the game and don’t waste your donuts. Because unlike almost every other game, Tapped Out can give you months and months of enjoyment completely, absolutely and 100% for free!