For the first time since January 11, when there was a 1-day gap between the Christmas Stockings finishing and level 26 being released, there’s absolutely nothing special happening in the game. There’s no new level and no special event. There are no special premium items and even Gil is taking a break. It’s all eerily quiet and the characters are just going about their daily business.

So, when will that change? Will there be a special event and, if so, what will it be? Where is level 27? Is Gil coming back anytime soon? Or will there be another episode promotion?

Only EA knows the answer to any of those questions, and they rarely say very much in advance. Everyone has been expecting something this week, particularly when EA announced that Gorgeous Grampa would no longer be available after Monday, but right now there’s still nothing to report. There may or may not be something by the end of the week. All we can do is wait and see.