Without an update, we still have the harp of death – and that means that only those with access to an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3 or 4 can fix it easily. For both devices, you need to plug in your device, turn off auto-lock, log in and let the harp play out. It takes about 15 minutes on an iPhone 5 and about 20 minutes on an iPad 3. It can be done in an iPhone 4S, apparently, but it takes several hours.

A couple of important points – it may not be a permanent fix and it may happen again the next time you hit the bonus levels. And the second time is harder to fix – it may take several tries and, rather than entering the game, you may get the server error page. It’s important to tap on “try again” rather than closing the game, or you’ll have to start the whole process again.

If you’ve come here looking for help, please be patient. I’ll respond as soon as I’ve fixed it – and I’ll let you know if it’s one of those rare cases where there’s nothing I can do. On many occasions, the queue has been very long. Please remember to ask nicely, too. I’m not an EA employee, and some of the messages I’ve received telling me that I’m not fast enough releasing a permanent fix and what I can do as a result have really missed the point.

Fingers crossed, though, that an update is on the way that kills the harp once and for all.

P.S.: Most of the harp fix requests I’m getting seem even easier to solve than yesterday. There are 2 tough ones sitting in the box right now, though, so if you haven’t heard from me, yours is probably one of them. Leave a comment if you want to check.