Something strange happened at around midnight Central time in the US – the harp fixes I’ve been doing suddenly got much, much easier. And we’re talking easier by a substantial amount – the requests that had been sitting in my box for the last 12 hours or so were each resolved in less than a minute.

Perhaps that’s why there’s no game update yet – EA is working on improving the play experience and removing the bugs and glitches that have been plaguing the game for the last month or so. And if the price of a banishing the harp forever, and getting rid of the other glitches as well, is a delayed update, it’s a price I’m most happy to pay.

While I know that the harp doesn’t seem to have completely disappeared for everyone (there are still 2 fixes I’m working on that are proving to be very stubborn), it seems to have gone away today for lots of people. If that’s happened for you, let us all know through the comments below. And if you’re still having difficulties, please get in touch.