This walkthrough continues from here, and begins with the completion of Moe’s Tavern and the arrival of Moe and Marge.

Just a reminder on how game levels work: if you play often and have a lot of friends that you visit every day, your XP level may rise faster than your game level. So while the game information says that you get Moe’s Tavern and Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace at level 15 and Springfield Downs at level 16, you may actually get to a much higher XP level before these buildings actually unlock. This is because you need to have unlocked all the other buildings that come before them first.

So, let’s continue the walkthrough (and remember that you need to have kept Homer free as the build finishes):

1. Is there an Al Coholic Here Part 2 Marge is back, but Homer goes for a drink at Moe’s! (8 hours)
2. One in every Flock Reverend Lovejoy may be continuing his tasks during or after the Moe’s Tavern build. At this point he may decide to walk his dog (1 hour)
3. Once you’ve Gone Organic With no food in the house, Marge goes and shops at the Kwikimart (1 hour – you may also get a task just before this to send Marge to Church)
4. I’m Stalking on Sunshine! Now you need to plant a shrub (if you haven’t done so already) so Moe can hide in it and spy on Midge… er… Marge (12 hours – keep Marge free as he finishes if you haven’t already received the prompt to build Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace)
5. Free Band-Aids with every Cut Part 1 Now that Marge is back, someone needs to maintain that hair, so she prompts you to build Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (24 hours and $29,000 – keep Marge free as the build finishes)
6. Free Band-aids with every Cut Part 2 Marge visits Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (4 hours – keep Homer free as she finishes)
7. Double Down on She’s a Loser Part 1 Homer prompts you to build Springfield Downs (24 hours and $34,500 – keep Homer and Marge free as it finishes)

Immediately after Springfield Downs completes, you’re asked to place your first bet of $5,000 before you can move on. For a post on winning (or losing) at Springfield Downs, you can go here.

The walkthrough will continue…