As well as all of the limited time Valentine’s items (and Shauna) disappearing on February 28, something else went as well. And that was the 8-hour task that Homer, Lisa, and Milhouse all had to go and eat ice cream at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s.

Why did it go? It’s possibly part of leveling the playing field between the Apple and Android versions. After all, Android players didn’t get to take part in the Valentine’s version of the game, and didn’t get the opportunity to buy the buildings. The Valentines buildings also never became premium items, so were possibly never created to operate within the game as premium buildings do – with characters’ tasks associated with them remaining completely hidden until you purchase the building.

Whatever the reason, I’m sad to see the task go. And that’s because it means that Phineas Q. Butterfat’s joins the list of buildings that no characters interact with – a list that also includes Howard’s Flowers and Sir Putt-a-lot’s as well as Pimento Grove and, post-“This Little Wiggy”, El Chemistri.