When I first started playing the game, I bypassed the buildings without characters in favor of the buildings that have them and the standalone characters. But there are some good reasons why you should look at them again if you have some donuts going spare. So, here are some reasons why the Springfield Observatory deserves your attention:

1. It earns you a base of $350 and 35XP every 16 hours by observing …. Neptune (the dots are in the game, indicating the obvious joke).
2. It’s another building for your city and, as a public building, contributes to your Obedience rating.
3. It gives Principal Skinner and Martin a 6-hour task that, at $350, earns more than their $275 8-hour task. For those who have Frink, he also gets an additional task.
4. At just 75 donuts, it’s one of the more affordable premium items.
5. It looks great near the mountains (and even better if you have the Springfield sign, too).

Really, the only reasons why you wouldn’t want to buy it are these:
1. You’ve just started playing the game and don’t have Principal Skinner or Martin.
2. You just don’t buy premium items.
3. You think Neptune is kind of boring and which it would observe something completely different (a comet, for example).

So, think again about the Springfield Observatory again if you’ve overlooked it until now.