Wow! That was quick. It took me three months to get to level 26!

The best advice I can give for those new to the game is that Tapped Out is not a race (try Real Racing for that!). It’s one of those games that’s about more than just completing the levels. Slow down, plan your own Springfield, and get creative and it’s so much more fun.

While it may be tempting to speed up tasks using donuts, that’s a temptation to avoid because it’s a bit like eating all your Easter chocolate before lunch on Easter Sunday. Although EA adds more levels regularly, there’s about a month to six weeks between them, and the special events only seems to happen every other month. The faster you go, the more downtime you have.

So, when’s level 27 coming? It could be as early as this week – but when it does come out, take your time with it. Don’t rush it through in a day, because it’s unlikely that level 28 will arrive before April.