150 gigabytes apparently, which is a lot less than I would have imagined! And far less than a game like Battlefield, which generates 1 terabyte of data each day. But those 150GB add up to 4.5TB every month, all of which has to be constantly maintained and updated every time anyone plays anywhere in the world. No wonder the poor Tapped Our servers often get a little stressed.

Where do I get my figures? From a recent presentation by Electronic Art’s Chief Technology Officer Rajat Taneja. He notes that Tapped Out creates different server demands because of the need to track far more telemetry events (events in the game) than for a game like Battlefield.

Other Tapped out figures he gave include these:

Players have
– spent 1.97 billion donuts;
– placed 7.36 million Kwikimart stores; and
– built 3.43 million Krusty Burgers.

It’s an interesting presentation that talks about the data challenges a company like EA faces. As I’ve noted before, the gaming world has changed dramatically in the last few years and companies like EA are having to work very hard to keep up with those changes.