The texture glitch has been around single the early days of the game. It’s relatively benign and doesn’t hurt or harm either you or EA. What this glitch does is temporarily replace your buildings and decorations with parts of a completely different building or decoration – or even a character. Sometimes it switches your building image completely. While it’s usually easily fixed by scrolling away from the affected area and then scrolling back, it can produce some rather odd images.

My bridges seem to attract the texture glitch quite easily and are often replaced by pieces of a building (Krusty Burger, usually) as you can see here:

My Thanksgiving Balloons are also regular candidates for the texture glitch:


And sometimes decorations get replaced by characters, as you can see here where one of my trees was replaced by Hank Scorpio:

One of the strangest texture glitches I’ve had is, unfortunately, one I didn’t take an image of – an entire row of Iron Railings was briefly replaced by a line of Milhouses!

If you feel like capturing any of your texture glitches, please feel free to send them through to me on Twitter or post a link here.