I’ll make this easy on everyone. Yes, you should – you really should. Even though the Duff Brewery is currently the third-most expensive premium item (the second-most expensive if you acquired Barney’s Bowl-a-Rama with Santa Coins), it’s a really good purchase. Here’s why:

1. Duffman does all but one of his tasks outdoors – and by itself that makes him one of my favorite characters. He parties down for Duff by p
outside Moe’s, Springfield Elementary, Springfield Penitentiary , and the First Church of Springfield. He also rides around your town on his Segway promoting Duff, as you can see here:

2. As with all premium characters, Duffman’s tasks earn you extra cash and XP.
3. You get a building – and the more buildings you have in your Springfield, the better! Not only that, it’s the Duff Brewery, so your Homer will be that little bit happier.

And the reasons why you may decide not to add the Duff Brewery and Duffman to your Springfield – or to wait a bit:

1. The Duff Brewery is relatively expensive at 190 donuts – there are much more affordable additions if you’re starting out on buying premium characters and decorations (and you can read about some of these in the
premium characters and decorations guide here).
2. If you don’t have any of Springfield Elementary, the First Church of Springfield, Moe’s Tavern, or Springfield Penitentiary, it may be soon to add Duffman to your game.
3. If you don’t approve of Duff Brewery’s marketing campaign targeting the youth of Springfield, you may decide to pass on Duffman completely.

The bottom line is that Duffman is a great addition, but works best for players at higher levels.