A few people have commented that the Golden Scratch-R was a smart move by EA as it has tempted them into making their first ever in-game purchase. And it seems to have generated a lot of interest, going by the search terms hitting my blog. So, here are the steps you go through in buying one, including something that surprised me (but probably shouldn’t have).

My apologies upfront to Android players – this post primarily goes through the Apple device process. If anyone would like to add a comment highlighting and similarities or differences for Android users, that would be great!

A Golden Scratch-R costs $US0.99 (or the rough equivalent in your local currency – e.g. £0.69 in the UK, $HK8.00). For that investment you get one chance and one chance only to win donuts – and if you want a second go, you have to pay again. This means that it operates just like a scratch card in the real world. The payment comes from whichever payment method you’ve attached to your iTunes or Google Play account or any account credit you have. Every ticket wins you something, though, and the least you’ll go away with is 6 donuts.

As soon as you hit the blue bar indicating that you want to buy a card, this message comes up:

But you have a second chance to think about it, because for Apple devices, the following message comes up from iTunes (and I’m assuming a similar message comes up through Google Play):

Apple players then need to enter their iTunes password for the purchase to go through. Once that’s done, this is what you see:

And then the game tells you exactly the same thing:

Now, you’re ready to play, and the game tells you this by taking you straight to the Golden Scratch-R screen (which means you can’t change your mind at this stage and use your purchase for anything but the Golden Scratch-R game).

Now, here’s the bit that surprised me but probably shouldn’t have. Unlike the regular Scratch-R, once you’ve played, the Itchy and Scratchy logo doesn’t seem to go away. It stays until you have decided that you’ve bought enough Golden Scratch-R tickets and buy a regular Scratch-R instead.

For increasing in-game transactions, that’s definitely a smart move, EA.