So, here’s this weekend’s poll and it has a Golden Scratch-R theme. Imagine that you win a prize of 60 donuts (despite what the standard scratch card game says, I know that’s not one of the listed prizes – I’m using that number, though, for the purposes of this poll). So, you now have 60 donuts burning a hole in your pocket – what do you do with them?

In this poll, I’m not giving you the option to save them up (sorry about that). And that’s because I’ve had a lot of questions from people who want to know the best way to spend a limited number of donuts – and particularly which of the cheaper premium characters they should buy. It’s also interesting to see which of the 30-60 donut characters everyone thinks adds the most value to their game.

If you already have all the characters, you can either vote as if you have none of them or choose the decoration-buying option. It’s your choice.

So, take a moment to vote and let’s see what everyone thinks. If you want to give the rationale for your vote, please feel free to make a comment.