A Gorgeous Grampa walkthrough is inevitable, particularly as newer players who don’t have the Retirement Castle may have a while to wait before Grampa puts on his costume and grows long, blond hair. If you hate spoilers, go to another post now!

1. Gorgeous Grampa Part 1 To get things moving, both Homer and Grampa need to be free. Once Grampa is in his costume, it’s Homer that kicks off the storyline like this:

Gorgeous Grampa: I’m not, you idjit! It’s my old wrestling outfit.
Homer: You? A wrestler? Your whole body looks prolapsed.
Gorgeous Grampa: I used to be oh-so-beefy and beautiful. I could stare at myself for hours.
And that’s when you make Gorgeous Grampa admire himself for 4 hours.

2. Gorgeous Grampa Part 2 Gorgeous Grampa starts the next stage of his quest in a conversation with Bart (I’m fairly sure Bart doesn’t need to be free, but it’s a good idea to make sure he’s not otherwise engaged):

Bart: Grampa, really? You were a bad boy? I always thought you were lame.
Gorgeous Grampa: Ha! I was boastful before your rap music jerks and TV beach Italians if today.
Bart: Awesome! Can you come to my show and tell?
So, Gorgeous Grampa goes to a Show and Tell at Bart’s school for 8 hours.

3. Gorgeous Grampa Part 3 Grampa kicks off the third and final stage of the quest in another conversation with Bart (again, keep Bart free, just in case):

Gorgeous Grampa: That’s the problem with kids today. They don’t know how to prance and preen.
Following which, Gorgeous Grampa spends 12 hours prancing and preening.

So, it’s a short quest, obviously designed so that most players can complete it before the episode airs in the US. Still, it’s nice to have some variety while we wait for the next big update. And I really like the Gorgeous Grampa costume!