The latest update saw Gorgeous Grampa, the Gorgeous Grampa Billboard (both for a limited time only), and the Golden Scratch-R Game. But there was no new special event and no level 27. Why not?

Let’s deal with Level 27 first. It’s only been a couple of weeks since level 26 was released, so expecting a brand new level within that time frame was always optimistic. Currently, there’s about a month to six weeks between levels and I really don’t expect them to start coming any more quickly than that.

As for a special event, each time one finishes, the game seems to go back to normal play for a while before the new event begins. Easter is not until the end of the month, so that’s still possible. And with Springfield’s Whacking Day in May, that’s also a possibility as a special event for April/May.

So, something will come – but probably not until March 7/8 at the very earliest. It may already be sitting on your device, waiting to unlock at just the right time.