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Episode promotions are really fleeting things – they arrive and they’re gone before you know it. And if you miss out on adding them to your game, it’s likely that you’ll have missed out for good.

Here are some of the items that have already come into the game and gone again within a few days during this US season of The Simpsons (and by “gone” I mean that they’re no longer available):

The Duff Racer
Fat Tony (although he may be back!)
Cool Homer and the Cool Brown House
Gorgeous Grampa and the Gorgeous Grampa Billboard
Fruit-Bat-Man and the Fruit-Bat-Signal

With the exception of the Gorgeous Grampa Billboard and Fruit-Bat-Man, all of these items were free. But are there any more planned before the 24th season ends in May?

The short answer looks like it’s “yes”, and if that’s all you really want to know, it’s probably time to move on to another post. But if you want to know more, you’ll need to follow the link just underneath the clip of Fruit-Bat-Man in action from the ANIMATION ON FOX YouTube channel:

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The one advantage that Android players have over Apple players at the moment is that they don’t have to worry about the Righteousness rating. It’s the most difficult of all the Conform-o-meter ratings to control and it seems to have been behaving particularly strangely of late.

So how can you keep it at 5 stars? Hear are some thoughts from readers of this blog:

Dave: Short of a glitch, I have convinced myself that activity choices matter. I cannot find enough brooms to keep my Righteousness dropping at least once a week. The latest drop followed frequent protesting and sneaking into r rated movies.

Lee: Each time a new level is added, when I max out from blue XP bar and move to pink XP bonus bar, my Righteousness drops from 5-stars to 1-star). If that happens, I’d just visit a few friends’ towns and tap on those cleaning mops I find. When I return back to my Springfield, my Righteousness restores back to 5-stars.

Sudo Name: I had my Righteousness score drop when I rushed through tapping in neighbors’ towns, therefore by-passing too many brooms.

Deidre: I’ve noticed if I miss cleaning up graffiti, my rating drops. And it takes a long time to get back to 5 stars afterwards. Also if I let Snake or Hank Scorpio wander around without a task it drops as well. As a result I keep them on 12 and 24 hours tasks to keep my 5 stars.

Sarah: I’m getting frustrated with the righteousness rating. I used to always do graffiti when I went to friends’ towns, as it gives them income on buildings that don’t otherwise have it, but at the moment it just keeps making my righteousness meter drop like a stone. Except for playing around because it was behaving weirdly (and I’m a nosy person who likes to figure these things out!), I always used to avoid mopping the graffiti up for the same reason, but if I do a little graffiti it seems to take a lot of mopping to get the rating back up. More than cleaning up my own buildings. Very frustrating, as I kinda feel bad for taking the opportunity of income from them. It’s stopping me from doing graffiti in the first place, which seems a pity.

mahmoudshoblaq: If you don’t play for a while or you don’t get any mops in your Springfield for a while it goes down to 1 star! Also if you visit neighbors and graffiti them (spray paint their buildings) it goes down to 1 star! How you get it back to 5 stars? You hope that people that visit your Springfield graffiti your buildings and you get the mops (each mop = 1/2 star). OR when visiting friends, if they have any mops do those instead of collecting money from houses/buildings. When you do the mops when visiting friends it takes a bunch more than it would when you do it in your own Springfield but it will get you there! This will get you back to 5 stars in Righteousness the fastest!

So, given that the game files are not clear on this, what do we know?:

1. Character behavior: This may or may not influence the rating very much or even at all – but the experience of players suggests that it seems to have some impact. Certainly, Sideshow Bob appearing in your town causes a drop as does having your criminals wandering around town. Lenny’s tendency to mope and break several out-dated laws in the process may also cause a drop. Gambling at Springfield Downs appears to have no impact. On the other hand, sending your characters to church regularly has benign reported as having a positive impact on the rating in some cases.

2. Cleaning up graffiti: This seems to restore your rating very quickly in your town, and you get 1/2 a point back for each piece of graffiti you clean up in your friends’ towns.

3. Leaving graffiti: This should cause your rating to drop – although some players have reported that it increases, which seems to be a glitch.

4. Visiting friends: If you don’t visit friends for a while and do some cleaning up, and very few friends visit you and leave graffiti for you to clean up, the rating seems to plummet automatically.

5. New levels: These often seem to cause a drop in the rating at some point.

6. Random behavior: It may just be that random drops in the rating are built into the game.

So, I hope this helps. And you have any other thought, please keep sending them in.


Regular readers of this blog will know that I experienced the same game glitch that many other players have experienced following the most recent update – an XP bar that refused to move no matter how much XP I collected. This problem seems to have arisen from a glitch in the most recent update which saw the level 27 XP goal reduced to a mere 9,000XP for some players, far below what it should be.

While mine started working again on its own after a few days, other people are still experiencing this issue. A solution that seems to have worked for quite a few people is buying and placing lots of weather stations – and a number of people have confirmed that this seems to have been enough to kickstart their XP bar and get it moving again:

Bruce: Confirmed! XP bar will become unstuck if you buy a ton of weather stations. Took me almost 40 and sadly I didn’t get the XP from all of them but who cares it’s working fine again.

Anonymous: Yay. I bought about 20 weather stations and it totally worked for me.

Jarod: I bought ten weather stations and my XP is moving again.

Three things to note:
1. If you’re short of cash, you may only need to wait until your XP bar catches up with where you should be, as I did.
2. There’s no clear number of weather stations you need to buy – it seems to be anywhere between 10 and 40.
3. The XP you missed out on may be lost forever – probably because there’s a discrepancy between where your screen tells you that you are and where the inner workings of the game register you as being.

But if your XP bar is still stuck and you have some game dollars to spare, this is well worth a try.


Fat Tony first appeared as a limited time episode promotion back in November 2012 and hasn’t been available since – a fact that has since made many players who missed out on him more than a bit unhappy. After all, he appears regularly in the series and is currently the only character in the Wiseguys set.

So, here’s his quest on that first appearance – and once you’ve read it, be sure to click the link just below the picture for more:

1. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 1 Fat Tony arrives.

Fat Tony: I should be able to lay low here for a while. But first I must acquire the necessary low-laying supplies. Fat Tony goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy hole up supplies (45 seconds).
2. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 2
Fat Tony: Pasta, sauce, a checkered napkin and a sleeveless t-shirt… just the essentials of life. Now I’ve got to find a place in which I can keep out of sight. Of course it’s everybody’s favorite – the Brown House (3 minutes)
3. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 3 Of course, as it’s the Brown House, it probably won’t be long before someone else turns up there as well..
Homer: All this walking around Springfield is killing me! I need a nice disappear-inside-a building job.
Homer breaks into the Brown House to watch TV (3 minutes).
Fat Tony: Hey, what are you doing here? You a cop? You’ll never take me alive!
Homer: Fat Tony! I didn’t know this was your house. Please don’t kill me! I’m just a lazy guy who likes TV! Fat Tony: Oh no — this is not my abode. I’m just taking an unscheduled vacation of indeterminate length. Please pass the remote.
4. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 4 There’s a problem with holing up in the Brown house, though, as we all know…
Fat Tony: Homer, it would be to our mutual benefit if you did not tell anyone that I am here. Don’t breathe a word if you want to keep breathing in general.
Homer: But if you’re hiding out, you shouldn’t stay here. Half the town drops by here on a regular basis! No need to get your gun out again…
Fat Tony: Then you’ve got to hide me, Homer! Please? Pretty please with a gun to your head on top?
So, Homer lets Fat Tony hole up in his basement (5 hours).
5. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 5 Of course, that doesn’t make all the Sinpsons family happy…
Lisa: Ugh, dad, why was there a Mafia Crime Boss hiding in our basement?
Homer: You know, I didn’t think to ask! Why are you hiding, Fat Tony? Did you off someone, commit tax fraud, drink a large soda in New York City?
Fat Tony: I did all of those things. But that’s not why I’m hiding and I can’t speak about it. It’s too awful.
Lisa: Dad! He’s kind of scaring me. Why don’t you take him to get something to eat? Even if it’s meat, that’s fine with me.
Homer and Fat Tony go to eat at the Krusty Burger (30 minutes).
6. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 6 That was probably not the smartest thing to do if you’re hiding from someone…
Wiggum: Ahh, there you are Fat Tony!
Fat Tony: Uh oh. Is it bribe time already?
Wiggum: No, that’s not til next week. Today, I have an envelope for you!
Lisa: Wait, aren’t you going to arrest him?
Wiggum: What? No. That’s just papers informing him he has to report for jury duty on Sunday, November 18th at 8/7 central.
Homer: Why are you talking like that? What courthouse is open on Sunday nights? And who’s going to run the Mafia while he’s serving jury duty?
Pop up message: Find out in the November 18th episode of The Simpsons!
Homer: D’Oh, I get it – it’s a promo! We still get to keep Fat Tony in our town after the show airs, though.
Fat Tony: You know Homer, my boys are here every week collecting protection money, and I’ve never tried their burgers before.
Homer: What do you think?
Fat Tony: I think the clown who runs this place is the real criminal. We should get back, before somebody sees me.
And Fat Tony goes and holes up in the Simpson’s basement one more time before the quest ends (5 hours).

So, why post this now? You’ll have to follow the link just underneath the picture to find out…

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Here’s the latest from rcsprinter:

Hello! Last week I set a quiz to see who’s the ultimate Simpsons fan (you can find the quiz at if you haven’t done it yet). Since the post last week, it has been played 445 times – but unfortunately, I can’t tell who played it, so I’m going to have to go by the 25 or so people who commented below the post. 1.6% of all those that played managed 55/55, the other scores follow:

50-54 3.7%
45-49 6.6%
40-44 9.6%
35-39 13.5%
30-34 18.8%
25-29 11.9%
20-24 14%
15-19 8.2%
10-14 4.3%
5-9 3.7%
1-4 4.1%

Most people seem to be getting scores in the 30s. That’s still great as many of the questions were quite difficult. I need to pick a winner, however, so with 53/55 I’d like to commend “thomas”. Coming close behind were TennantFan and Maggie. Well done – you’re all Simpsons experts! Thanks to everybody else that played.

For the interactive part of this week’s post, please let me know in the comments section what you think the hardest questions from the quiz were and why. Also, if a new building was to be release and it was a house, what house do you think is significant enough from the series to be included? My choice is definitely the Hibbert house. There are some ideas in the post below this one – but what would you like to see in addition to those. You can just choose a colour as well! ..the Cool White House? Nah.

As for musings, all I’ve got to say this edition is about how I finally understand why I built a super-atom collider, black hole, Mayan calendar and Duff racer a few months ago. After watching the episodes (broadcast as new here in the UK), it makes sense as the Treehouse of Horror XXIII and ‘Moonshine River’ episodes give a bit of background story. The delay is unfair, but what can I do?

See you next week.



Almost any building is possible – if it has appeared in the series even once, then it’s a candidate for the game. And the files give a hint of some of the buildings that are already being considered.

But, there are spoilers ahead – so if you really want to see the list, you’re going to have to use the link just after the picture to read on…

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As readers of this blog will know by now, there are strong rumors that a new event is on the way. If and when it does comes, it will be the game’s fourth big event after Halloween and Christmas in 2012 and Valentine’s in February this year.

Each of the previous events has involved visiting friends and collecting something from their town – candy, Santa coins, or hearts. And each of those events usually meant that most players visited all their friends every day.

So that’s the topic of this week’s poll – how often do you visit friends when there isn’t a big event going on? Some tips on which answer to choose:
– Players who’ve taken part in a big event before should choose the answer that is closest to non-event visiting habit;
– New Apple players who haven’t taken part in a big event yet should choose the answer that most closely matches your regular friend-visiting habit;
– Android players should choose the Android option.

The poll will run until next weekend or the next event begins – whichever happens first. Vote now, then see what other players do!

untitled 2

Here’s the usual warning you’re going to see on every one of these posts – EA hasn’t confirmed yet that there will be an event yet to celebrate that uniquely Springfield holiday, Whacking Day (at least it was a Springfield holiday until it was discredited way back in season 4). And while there’s a lot of information about a Whacking Day event in the files, which I’ve now seen for myself, anything that’s there may change with the next update. It still remains to be seen whether any of this will actually happen.

Now that’s out of the way, one of the features of the event will apparently be Whacking Day prizes – and by all accounts, there’ll be 10 of them (and to avoid spoiling things for people who prefer to be surprised, if you’re viewing from the homepage, you’ll need to click or tap through to see what they are):
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We’ve all experienced it – planting a crop on Cletus’ Farm, leaving the game for a little too long and coming back to discover that it’s died on the vine. And that’s a bit of a shame because growing crops costs game dollars that could otherwise be used for something else. So how long is too long to leave a crop before it rots in the field?

I originally thought that, with the exception of Perfection, your crops took as long to die as they do to grow. But it turns out that there’s some information in the game files that says otherwise. So here’s an update on the crops and how long you have to harvest them:

Weeds – 45 seconds to grow and 45 seconds to die
Perfection – 45 seconds to grow and 3 seconds to die
Tomacco – 1 hour to grow and 24 hours to die
Silvertongue – 8 hours to grow and 24 hours to die
Triffids – 12 hours to grow and 24 hours to die (collecting XP only – nothing happens at all to your game!)
Moonshine – 24 hours to grow and 24 hours to die
Corn – 90 days to grow and 7 days to die

You’ll note that Perfection dies very quickly – within 3 seconds of the end of its grow time. So if you get a task to plant Perfection, you’ll need to watch it grow for 45 seconds and harvest it as quickly as you can if you want to clear the task and collect any cash or XP.


When I first wrote this post a couple of days ago, it was in response to problems people had reported with XP bar inconsistencies. And I discovered one more thing – each time a new level is released, the XP bar maximums at the upper levels change a bit in the same way that the prices of the more expensive buildings do. So, here’s the updated version with the current XP bar maximums at each level. Thanks to everyone that contributed.

Every time a new level is a released, the XP maximums change slightly at the more recent levels. Here’s the XP you currently need at each level and the number of donuts you get for hitting that level (this information is based on your reports, together with file data):

Level 1-2: 40XP (no donuts)
Level 2-3: 75XP (1 donut as you start level 2)
Level 3-4: 85XP (1 donut)
Level 4-5: 120XP (1 donut)
Level 5-6: 250XP (1 donut)

Level 6-7: 800XP (1 donut)
Level 7-8: 1,800XP (1 donut)
Level 8-9: 3,200XP (2 donuts)
Level 9-10: 5,000XP (1 donut)
Level 10-11: 8,000XP (1 donut)
Level 11-12: 12,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 12-13: 15,500XP (1 donut)
Level 13-14: 18,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 14-15: 21,000XP (1 donut)
Level 15-16: 24,000XP (1 donut)

Level 16-17: 25,500XP (1 donut)
Level 17-18: 21,560XP (1 donut)
Level 18-19: 22,960XP (1 donut)
Level 19-20: 25,440XP (1 donut)
Level 20-21: 26,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 21-22: 26,640XP (1 donut)
Level 22-23: 38,170XP (1 donut)
Level 23-24: 40,510XP (1 donut)
Level 24-25: 46,255XP (2 donuts)
Level 25-26: 56,000XP (1 donut)
Level 26-27: 74,090XP (1 donut)

Level 27-bonus: 117,480XP (2 donuts)

For many players, a glitch in level 27 meant that it maxed out at 9,000XP, resulting in a freeze just after the hitting the bonus levels. As you can see, the XP bar maximum should have been much, much higher!

The Whacking Day song is certainly in the files so it may well feature in the game should there actually be a Whacking Day event (although, I suspect, as words only).

For those of you who haven’t seen the episode, the words are below (sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree). But before posting comments on animal rights, please remember that this was done with the usual Simpsons irony (which was much more common in the early years) and that the episode was written to highlight the mistreatment of snakes. It remains to be seen if any Whacking Day event appearing in the game follows the episode’s lead:

Oh Whacking Day! Oh Whacking Day!
Our hallowed snakes skull-cracking day.
We’ll break their backs! Gouge out their eye!
Their evil hearts we’ll pulverize!
Oh Whacking day! Oh Whacking Day!
May God bestow his grace on thee.

So you can hear how the song sounded in the episode when sung by the children of Springfield Elementary, here’s a link to an audio of the song on YouTube uploaded by swingballbros:

And here, to be fair to the snakes, is a link to the song that the late, great Barry White sang (with a little variation) to help end the Whacking Day tradition in Springfield and save the snakes forever, uploaded to YouTube by Christopher Cabrera (with Spanish subtitles):

Without Origin yet, Android players don’t have that sense that everything will eventually be okay when something happens to their game. Recently, a number of players have experienced problems with their game. Not being an Android player, I haven’t been sure how to answer this, until this came in a couple of days ago from Brad:

After doing some research, I confirmed what I had expected… that there are some files on the device that sync with the server on startup. So all you need to do is go into your application data and clear the data for Tapped Out. Then on relaunching the application, it syncs to the server, downloads all the various updates that have come since launch and your town is back to where it was.

I suspect that a lot of people that are getting this problem and talking about it on the EA forums likely start a new town which probably replaces the data on the EA servers. (TSTOTips note: starting your game again is always a bad idea on either platform.)

So if this happens to anyone:
1. Exit the game
2. Clear all game data in the application manager
3. Restart the game

Pretty easy fix. Not sure why EA hasn’t posted that this will work.

I’m on a GS3, so perhaps this won’t work for everyone on Android.

Johnny, a reader of this blog, asked me if I was sure this would work – and I had to reply that as I couldn’t test it for myself, I could give no guarantees. No doubt holding his breath all the while, he decided to give it a go anyway, and this is his reponse:

Just did the Brad fix on my asus tf300t tablet Android TSTO game,and I want you to know it has worked perfectly so far!

So, it seems that this may be an option. Again, I’d like to stress that this may not work on every Android device (which may be why EA haven’t released this as a possible solution). And if you have donut purchases at stake, you may feel more comfprtable waiting for the next update, which may well be shortly after Easter.


I originally posted this about a month ago, but as the blog has attracted lots more readers since then and there have been quite a few questions recently about this, I thought a repost would be helpful.

Buying premium items and keeping your Conform-o-meter (the stars at the bottom left of your screen) high helps you to maximize the cash and XP bonus you get on the rent from your buildings and the jobs you give your characters. The conformity bonus is a maximum of 5%, so it’s easy to see. But if you have premium decorations in your town, it can be quite difficult to see the bonus impact unless you have a love of numbers and calculations. So, is there an easy way to work out what your current bonus multiplier actually is?

Yes, there is. The easiest way to see your current bonus multiplier is to pay close attention when you collect your rent at the Gulp ‘n’ Blow. Since it gives you exactly $100 without taking any bonus into account, anything you get above that is your bonus multiplier.

The screenshot shows the cash I collect from my Gulp ‘n’ Blow. As you can see, I currently collect $138 dollars on it. That means my bonus multiplier is running at 38% – and each time I tap to collect from a building or a character, I’m getting 38% above the going rate. (You’ll need to click on the picture and enlarge it to see the numbers in white – I collected on the XP first to make the numbers easier to see.)

See what yours is next time you collect. And, if you want to, let everyone know here.

A couple of people have asked about what Whacking Day actually celebrates, which is not surprising since the episode featuring this holiday was first aired more than 20 years ago. If you’re digging through your DVDs or downloads, look for episode 20 of season 4.

The first and most important thing to know about Whacking Day, though, is that it’s not a US holiday or a holiday anywhere else in the real world. It’s a day that was once unique to Springfield – but is no longer celebrated even there!

In Springfield, Whacking Day was traditionally celebrated every year on May 10. On that day, the citizens of Springfield would drive snakes into the town square, then club them to death. Lisa, of course, is appalled by this, but it’s Bart who discovers the true origins of Whacking Day. Together with special guest star Barry White, they save the snakes and end the Whacking Day tradition.

The episode was written by George Meyer to highlight the mistreatment of snakes. We’ll just have to wait and see whether a Tapped Out Whacking Day storyline remains true to this spirit (if it happens, I have to add!).

You can read more about the episode at


I really need to begin this post by saying that there has been no confirmation from EA that a Whacking Day event is on the way… however, the files certainly do appear to contain some Whacking Day information.

An extremely reliable source has confirmed that there’s a Whacking Day Guide (similar to the guides for other special events) already sitting in the files. There are no images at this stage and, while its content may change with the next update, this is what it currently says:

Whacking Day
Whacking Guide
(Panel 1) Enter Baton Mode and tap to whack snakes and collect rewards.
(Panel 2) Place snake eggs in friends’ towns for them to hatch. Some snake eggs contain donuts!
(Panel 3) Win up to 10 amazing prizes for whacking snakes. Just like in real life!
The event ends May 2, 2013. Get whacking!

If the event ends on May 2, when does it begin? At the moment, that’s anyone’s guess.


The Golden Scratch-R was a great addition to the game, and has encouraged many people who have never spent money on donuts to contribute a little something towards EA’s coffers. But if the chances of an Easter update are slim to none, it turns out that the chances of winning 100 donuts on the Golden scratch-R are only a little better. And thanks to some great digging into the files by j_3xx9 posting on, we’re able to know exactly what those chances are.

The money you spend on a Golden Scratch-R gives you one chance and one chance only at winning donuts (it would be great if the 99 cents – or your currency equivalent – that you spent gave you a Scratch-R subscription, but it would make very poor business sense for EA!). For those who haven’t played yet, these are the possible winnings:

And here’s the probability you’ll win any of these:

100 donuts – 2% (maybe 2 wins in 100 purchases)
50 donuts – 4%
20 donuts – 10%
12 donuts – 20%
9 donuts – 33.33%
6 donuts – 30.37%

The interesting thing is that you’re slightly more likely to win 9 donuts than you are to win 6 donuts, which makes the Golden Scratch-R at least as good as, and often better than, buying a dozen donuts through the donut store.

And, of course, there’s still the hope of a big win!

Update: Just after posting this, this screenshot came in on Twitter from @SovietData, who got really, really lucky today:


While the Mystery Box is a premium item, you get for free every 5 days, which makes itv very different from the Homer Buddha. While it no longer promises premium items (see here), there are still premium items in there. And, of course, a Mystery Box is the only way that you’re currently able to get one of those coveted, income-earning Lemon Trees.

As with the Homer Buddha, there’s a game going on behind the scenes every time you either buy a Mystery Box for 6 donuts or collect one as a daily reward. The game first internally generates a random number between 0 and 1. Each item available through the Mystery Box has a number assigned to it and you win the item that has the first number that’s greater than the random number generated.

So, what are the chances, then, of winning anything really good? Here’s a list of what you can win and the probability that it will be inside a Mystery Box:

Mystery Box – 10.983% (strangely, the item you’re most likely to win)
Lemon Tree (or $250 if you have one already) – 10%
Parking Lot – 10%
Brown Fence – 10% (although some additional calculations apparently boost the probability that this is what you’ll get)
Tree – 10%
Large Hedge – 10% (although some additional calculations apparently boost the probability that this is what you’ll get)
Newspaper Dispenser – 10%
Picket Fence – 4% (although some additional calculations apparently boost the probability that this is what you’ll get)
Gazebo – 4%
Angel Topiary – 4%
$500 – 4%
Bench (with towel) – 4%
$1000 – 4%
10 donuts – 2% (the first thing the Mystery Box every gives you!
Squeaky Voice Teen (or 30 donuts if you have him already) – 2%
Homer Buddha – 1%
$2500 – 0.01%
30 Donuts – 0.004%
Tire Fire (or 40 donuts if you have it already) – 0.002%
Lard Lad – 0.001% (there appears to be no donut alternative, probably because you can have multiple Lard Lads in your town)

So, once again, it’s all a matter of luck – and I was lucky enough to get my Squeaky Voice Teen this way. What’s the best item that the Mystery Box has opened up for you?

Acknowledgements once again to j_3xx9 at for the information used in this post.


The Scratch-R game is available to play free at the Kwik-E-Mart every 6 hours – and if you’re at an early a stage of the game, a big win can really change things for you. As you almost certainly already know, it offers a range of game dollar prizes all the way up to $10,000:

But despite playing 2 or 3 times a day every day since it was launched at the end of January, I’ve yet to win big. In fact, this is the kind of thing I usually see when I’ve scratched everything away:

So what are the chances of a big win? Based on information in the files, here are the possible prizes and the probability that each of those game dollar amounts will end up in your account at the Bank of Springfield:

$10,000 – 1% (just one chance in every 100 games)
$2,500 – 4%
$1,250 – 10%
$750 – 20%
$500 – 33%
$350 – 32%

Why these numbers are coming up slightly differently to the Golden Scratch-R numbers, I’m not sure – particularly given the message that comes up telling you what you could have won if you’d spent real world cash on the Golden Scratch-R rather than scratching away for free. And of course, probability being probability, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get the $10,000 once in 100 scratches, either. You might need to scratch a whole lot more before you win big. But, unlike the Golden Scratch-Rs, at least you don’t have to spend anything to do it!

Acknowledgements once again to j-3xx9 at for the information used in this post.


Some time ago, I linked a video from NUCLEARVIDEOSHD on how to maximize yor game dollars (and you can find it here). Here’s what RerockerFC has to say on the topic:

How can you earn more money in the game? Here are the main things you can do:

Send your characters on tasks frequently!

As much as you can, send them on short tasks (30 minutes or 1 hour) while you’re sitting by your game – the moment they finish, you can collect the rewards. However, when you’re not playing, send them on tasks almost equal to the amount of time you plan to be gone. For example, if you’re going to sleep, send them on 6-8 hour tasks. You can also send all your players on 24 hour tasks and, when they’re all done, you’ll have a big pot of gold waiting for you (around $10,000).
Tip: Premium characters and characters in premium costumes generally earn 50% more money than regular characters for tasks that take the same amount of time.

Premium Items

As much as most of us don’t like spending our precious donuts on premium items, I have to say it’s worth it. After all, they give you bonuses on all cash and XP you earn. Consider buying at least a couple and especially the ones that fetch you higher bonuses, such as the Springfield Sign (my favourite).


Getting higher stars at the Conform-o-meter not only demonstrates (to an extent) your progress in the game but also gives you a greater bonus. However, even if the bonus is lower than the maximum, it’s still a bonus! With 5 stars you get a 5% bonus on all the money and XP you collect, making it a useful way to increase cash for those who don’t want to buy premium items. And if you don’t want to get the stars to get the bonus, at least get them to impress your friends!

House Farming

Housefarming is always a point of contention among players. But it’s also the best way to make money fast. House farming basically mean a large number of houses whose rent added together gives you a lot of money and XP. It’s my favourite source of extra income for my Springfield – and if you’re a level 27 player it also helps you hit the bonus levels and those free donuts much more often.

After following these methods I make around 60,000 every morning! Following on from yesterday’s post, let me know what you collect, and share any tips you have on making money fast!



Well, the usual update times on a Thursday have come and gone (around about 9am or 5pm Central US time) and there’s no Easter event. While it’s not surpising (there was nothing in the files, but there was nothing for St. Patrick’s Day either), it’s a little disappointing. And perhaps that’s because with updates every Thursday in March that gave us two episode promotions, the St. Patrick’s Day event and a new level, EA had created the impression without saying anything that there would be an update today as well.

There may still be some free donuts on Easter Sunday, but the chances of an event are slim to none. But most level 27 players are still working through the new quest and players at lower levels still have it to look forward to.

And what’s going to happen in April? We really won’t know for sure until after Easter. It will certainly be fun, though.


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