This is just a reminder that the 28th is the last official day of the Valentine’s event. Remember that the event could end at any time on the 28th – it may be midnight, but it could be earlier (or later). The fact it’s a global game makes it difficult to tell.

At the time I’m writing this post, the 28th has arrived in many parts of the world and has almost arrived on the US east coast, so keep your outstanding heart balance low. Grind your hearts or buy decorations – it’s up to you. And that’s because, when the event ends, your hearts will disappear completely. It’s quite likely, too, that the Valentine’s buildings and Shauna will no longer be available either, or only available for donuts (although, if you have them, they’re yours to keep).

It may well be that we score some extra time as happened with the Halloween event. Don’t count on it, though – consider it a bonus if that happens. And if you still need hearts to get Sir Putt-a-lot’s, you’ll need to work quickly. Consider whether you need to add friends to help you boost your heart balance. And make sure you visit your friends, particularly those at lower levels, to help them out with Valentines.

In the meantime, here’s your last chance to take the poll and see what other people are doing with all those hearts.