It’s the premium items that pay for the game and its development and many people don’t mind paying for these when the game has given them months and months of enjoyment. That means, though, that free premium items are hard to come by in the course of the game.

Sadly, the only free premium items given away in the game are the three burning bushes, worth 20 donuts each, that you get through land purchases. If you imagine your town as a grid, you’ll find them in D1 ($610), A7 ($35,000), and L10 ($95,000). And apart from the occasional premium character or item in a Mystery Box, that’s all there is.

I doubt whether we’ll ever see any more than this – it’s part of the freemium nature of the game. I do hear that Gil will be back soon with some much better deals, though!

P.S. Thanks to daan for reminding me that I hadn’t mentioned this before.