Friday, 22 February was the last time we heard anything from EA on the harp of death (apart from the “there’s nothing we can tell you yet” tweets from @AskEASupport). Since then, several in-game updates were rolled out between Sunday and Tuesday – far more than we would usually see in a similar period. And while the harp seems to have disappeared for some, it remains a problem for others – and for still others, it’s made an unwelcome return at the next bonus level.

We know that you can fix the harp on an iPhone 5, an iPad 3, and some models of the iPad Mini and the iPhone 4S. If you want to know how to do that, see here. The best and safest way for you to do this is to find a friend with an iPhone 5. The next best way is to visit an Apple store and “test drive” the new iPhone (a number of people have reported doing this). As a last resort, I can help – although be patient because there will be a wait.

So, why has there been nothing from EA? I think there are a couple of a reasons for this. The first is that I suspect that the game is designed in EA’s studios in Korea, where much of the Simpsons TV series animation is done, which inevitably means working across time zones and communicating across cultures. Both of these factors can make things move very slowly.

The other reason is that EA shows signs of a company still trying to come to terms with the shift from console games played by kids and gamers (who are well used to bugs, glitches and patches) to games played by everyone everywhere on a variety of different devices and platforms. If you consider that, they’ve done very well in producing a game that works for most people most of the time, even if their customer service approach needs a lot more work. As someone who’s made a career, in part, out of training and consulting in customer and client service, I can understand to a degree, the difficulties they face.

Let’s hope that a permanent fix comes soon and that everyone is able to continue to enjoy what’s really a great game.