Right back at the beginning of the game, Sideshow Bob escaped from jail again and appeared in your Springfield. If you tapped on him, you got a cash reward (and if you saw him in your friends’ towns, you also got a reward if you “caught” him). But that was the last we saw of him. And people want to know – will he be coming back?

I hope so – I think there’s a chance that all of the major and minor characters will appear at some point. Shauna is a case in point. And Frink is the best example of this – he first appeared early in the game from another dimension to tell you about the Other Springfield, but also appears as a premium character. So, there’s a good chance that Sideshow Bob will appear at some point in the future (although possibly as a premium character) – and that would make a great storyline for the game.

When he does appear, I hope that EA decides to include some rakes as part of one of his game tasks. For those of you who missed the episode, the video below (uploaded to YouTube by sm Indigo) will show you just what I’m talking about.